Eddom Family

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Eddom Family

Postby Uppo » Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:07 am

I would like to speak with anyone who has any information or stories of the Eddom family of Hessle Rd, Particularly My great grand Mother Sarah Anne Eddom and my grandfather, her eldest son William Henry Hall Eddom, known in his later years as William Hall after he changed his surname to the paternal Hall surname after his wife Ruth Eddom left him, at which point he then dropped his maternal Eddom surname. His wife, my grandmother Ruth Eddom had left him to set up home with skipper Daniel Upson. William my Grandad had been born out of Wedlock, his father was his namesake William Henry Hall. After My Grandads marriage break up he started to use his Hall Surname. Great Grandmother Sarah Ann set up home with the father of her first born Wiliam Henry Hall Eddom (my grandad) only after her 1st husband skipper George Crawford was lost at sea in 1883. At this point Sara was a widower at age 24 with a young son born of William Hall, and 2 young daughters Jane and Florence Crawford born of George Crawford.George had died at sea never seeing his unborn Florence.

Other prominent Fishermen members of the Eddom household were Sarah Annes younger brother George William Eddom, Skipper of Eton St, lost at sea 1917.
John Charles Eddom skipper and Master Mariner of Havelock St,
2 other generations of John Charles Eddoms were also skippers,
Harry Eddom was Mate on the Ross Cleveland when he was a sole survivor at Isafijord, Iceland following the triple trawler tragedy of jan Feb 1968.
In total 6 different Eddoms have been lost at sea.
I am desperate to find out more about my grandfather William Henry Hall Eddom, he married Ruth Moverley in 1901. He had 2 sons Daniel and John who were both brought up with the surname Upson, after Ruth moved in with Daniel Upson. John Henry Upson is my Father. William Henry Hall Eddoms last known address was at No1 Walcott st living with his stepsister Florence (Haigh) at the 1911 Census. Great Grandma Sarah went on to live with William Henry Hall for the rest of her life and they had a further 7 Hall children together as well as the 2 Crawford girls whom Sarah had during her short marriage to George which itself followed quickly after she had fallen pregnant with Willam Henry Halls son, who you now know was christenened William Henry hall Eddon born out of wedlock.That's my grandad. He signed up for World War 1 service with the RNR where he was on a Hull Trawler commisioned as a Minesweeper. I have thereafter no information as to whether he survived or not and no record of a death or any grave. The same is true of my Great Grandmother Sarah Ann Hall nee Eddom who lived on various street of Hessle Rd during her marriage,including Subway St, Harrow St, and Carlton St. Any threads of stories I would be pleased to hear. Anything more like old photographs would be a small miracle as ould be gravestones. Hope someone out there can help.
Thanks for reading. Kind Regards John Upson.

Les George
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William Henry Hall Eddom

Postby Les George » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:15 pm

Hello Uppo,

I am a fairly recent member here, I see you want any info about your grandfather William Henry Hall Eddom. I've found some information that may be of interest. You can email me on mycanonind@outlook.com

When I lived in Hull my family lived across the tenfoot from skipper John Eddom who moved to Anlaby in the 1960's.


Les George.


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