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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site so please bear with me if I make mistakes

When I was 13 years old (I am now 74) I sailed on the trawler Swanland H402, so far I have been unable to obtain any photographs of her from any historic sources, I later sailed on the St Benedict GY592, Subsequently I joined the Merchant Navy when I was 16. I remember well the hard work on trawlers, but what I also remember with gratitude is the guidance I was given in my duties, the kindness (apart from the odd cuff around the ear, probably richly deserved!) and the way my well being and safety was looked after.

I have been asked to write a autobiography about my times on trawlers and in the MN and would dearly love a photo of the 'Swanland' for the cover.

I do have a photo of St Andrew's Dock with a blurred 'Swanland' in the background, it took me months trying to locate the ship on the photo. The photo was obtained from "Memory Lane Photographic Services" (but on phoning them this morning I discovered 'Memory Lane' had closed down and is now a beauticians) I could use the blurred image, but do not want to do so without permission, but the ex owner has left no forwarding details.

Visiting Hull museums and archives is not really practicable as I now live in Torquay

Any help or suggestions would be greatfully appreciated



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