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my dad

Postby foster1955 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:12 am

My dad was lost in the white sea in 1958,i was three at the time so i only have a very shaded memory of him,ive asked everyone including his side of the family if they have a photo of him,and got nowhere but what is haunting me at this time is he died in 58..and i am 58,and i would just love to see the face of my father and to leave behind a photo of him for his grandchildren and great grandchildren,when i was about to leave school i was pressured not to go to sea by my family,so dont know the ins and outs of what you needed to actualy join a trawler co. ive heard of a ''seamans book'' and wonder if it contained a picture,and im wondering if you needed a passport,as these may be avenues to look dad seemed to be well known in his short life and over the years ive been told he was a nasty vicious man,a very quiet man until riled,so many conflicting stories it is so very hard to even get a picture of him in my mind,but cannot ever forget being 19 and meeting my girlfreinds family and after a few drinks,out of the blue her uncle who must have been at least 22st grabbed my neck and screaming ''do you know who his father is !! it blew over..but i never got any explanation whatsoever,so he obviously upset at least one person.....FOSTER,Gordon.(34),33 Newton st,Hull.[Fireman]
Lost overboard,s/t.LOCH LEVEN H82
In the White Sea,9thDECEMBER,1958


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