Posts relating to family, friends , shipmates and the Genealogy of the Hull Fishing Families
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Postby hulltrawler » Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:27 pm

Great website Chris, thanks for your efforts.
Originally from Derby UK, sailed with J Marr as engineer on Benella and Westella in 1966-1968. Went to Fleetwood Nautical College then sailed as R/O out of GY for Northern Trawlers 1970 to 1974. Coldstreamer,Northern Sky, Northern Jewel,Vanessa (for a long time). Would be interested to hear from anybody that remembers Mick Neve from Cleethorpes who was mate on the Vanessa during the first 70's Cod War. Best Regards and keep up the good work.

Post brought from guestbook posted by Les Lacey

ARAGOSA Hi Alan, It sounds like we have trodden a few similar pathways between ships and trucks. More about all that stuff later if you want.
Mick Neve was mate on the Vanessa for a while, we sailed together during the conflict in 1970 /71. Tall guy with very black curly hair and he was one of the few happily married fishermen I ever met. He lived in Cleethorpes and had two kids (I think it was two).
Great guy and easy to get along with. If any of this rings bells let me know,..I have another search going for him on the ShipsNostalgia website. If you want to chat a bit more about running to sea or about what life is like driving a big truck here in the USA let me know. Regards Les Lacey

ARAGOSA Hi Alan, Thanks for your note. No Mick was definitely not bald when he sailed on Vanessa. he probably is now if he's anything like me.LOL
Yes I live in the South part of Kentucky about 600 miles from the ocean. We do have a lake with about 1200 miles of shoreline here but it's hardly a substitute. I got into sailing big sailboats after I left fishing in around 1974 and haven't spent a major amount of time back in the UK since. I was pretty disillusioned at how the whole cod war thing was handled and I made up my mind to emigrate. It's a long story but I ended up here in the US working as a recreational boat designer then got sued for some ridiculous reason which put me out of work. I drove a big truck for seven years until I retired a while ago. Drove 48 states and about a million+ miles, me and a guy from Denmark had four Volvo trucks between us leased on to larger carriers and we did reasonably well We drove two and had two drivers. If you are interested in a few pictures taken of our trucks let me know. Where are you located now and who do you drive for?
Best wishes. Les Lacey.


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