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Young Jim40 viewsJim Coles.About 1955/6 wearing fearnoughts,I wonder where the name came from?May 24, 2012
Southella Foc'sle60 viewsSid Wetherill front Mike Write back,note the asbestos lagging on the foc'sle funnel falling to bits and turning to powder(what health hazard)Oct 08, 2011
Southella36 viewsSouthella haulingSep 15, 2011
Southella52 viewsLounging on Lifeboat Ray Johno,Billy Collings,Mike ColesSep 15, 2011
Southella Model48 viewsThis is my model of the Southell well on the way to completion,not to bad for a bloke who's hands shake like like a fiddlers elbowAug 30, 2011
Southella49 viewsJust an update of my model of the Southella (The Bullitt )Jun 18, 2011
Westella80 viewsHomeward Bound Spick and SpanFeb 14, 2011
Southella Crew Boatdeck73 viewsFrom left to right Hamed Delally 2nd Engineer,Ray Johnson,Mike Coles Billy Collins,in lifebelt Mike Wright?Feb 13, 2011
Farnella87 viewsThis is on the Farnella's boat deck but I am afraid I do not remember any of there names I think the year is 1965Jan 19, 2011
South Mod 2 (477 x 550).jpg
The Bullit78 viewsRay Coles and Billy Collings fordeck Southella 1962/63?Jan 16, 2011
Southella Paint Job43 viewsTrying to match up Marr's coloursJan 15, 2011
Southella hull (800 x 600).jpg
The beginning37 viewsThis hull I hope is going to be a reasonable likeness to the ST Southella H303 I will post more pics when readyJan 15, 2011
Imperial Queen Plan.jpg
62 viewsDeck plan of the Hull Trawler Imperial Queen.
Aug 23, 2010
Consul Pust Model 3.jpg
Consul Pust German Trawler94 viewsA model I knocked up out of some odd bit's of stuff I had in my shed, Knitting Needles, paint brushes, press studs, grandkids bracelet.Aug 17, 2010
Brian and Fred the latter years73 viewsThe hyperdemic in Freds hand is just for laughs(I think )Aug 08, 2010
Brian and Fred the latter years131 viewsI sailed with the both of them and they were good shipmates until the booze took chargeAug 05, 2010
Southella H303 nicknamed The Bullitt104 viewsWhy do I have so much affection for this ship? It must be dementiaAug 05, 2010
Espana151 viewsThis is me in Spain a couple of years agoMar 28, 2010
Cape Trafalger.jpg
Cape Trafalger 1973183 viewsMaybe someone can help with the names I have forgotten
From Left ???, Mev Oakes, me, Billy Tracy (went in the Gaul I think),???
Mar 27, 2010
Lancella166 viewsGuid Saleh Harry Robinson I thinkMar 27, 2010
Alex208 viewsFrom Left Arthur Pullen, Ray Coles, Mike Coles,Dave Berry,Mrs Berry, Dave Hincliff,forfront Bob Coles.
Part of Southellas crew.
Mar 26, 2010
Alex 2.jpg
204 viewsFrom Left Sid Weatherill,Wally,Wallys wife Hamed Delally,Ray Johno,Ken ???
part of Southellas crew.
Mar 26, 2010
Young Jim.jpg
Young James Roderick Coles (Jim)110 viewsRound about 1956 I don't know the shipFeb 21, 2010
Westella 2.jpg
Westella 1970225 viewsArnie in front Ike,Ray,and Adrian Ball who wil remain forever youngNov 08, 2009
The Newton Bros.jpg
Newton Bros217 viewsJim Frame,Mally McRichie,Tony Newton Terry Newton,Keith TaylorNov 06, 2009
Ray Bev.jpg
Bev180 viewsRay Coles and Bev Heywood,one of the best bosun's I ever sailed with,Nov 05, 2009
Doug on a Trawler.jpg
Douglas Coles164 viewsDoug (Jim) Coles far right Jim Hunter far left.
I dont know the year or the ship but I it must be summer because they are all wearing aprons and clumpers
Nov 05, 2009
Stella Capella H 358.jpg
Stella Capella H 35880 viewsMy first trip to sea galleyboy 1960 Maurice Shep was cook , Dodger Lees was deckie learner and I think Terry Whittles was SkipperNov 01, 2009
Watch Below.jpg
Southella H303223 viewsSouthellas crew top Billy Collings bottom Hammed Delally,Ray Johnno,Sid Weatherill,Albert Molton,note the first class accommodation.Nov 01, 2009
What Pub234 viewsJim and Pat FrameNov 01, 2009
Chuck & Ike.jpg
Westella211 viewsGraham(Chuck) Antcliffe,Dave ----,Arnie Hays,Eric(Ike) Petrini,about 1970Nov 01, 2009
N K,Harry Watts,Monk,Lil,George Lee,Brian Hassan.jpg
Monk241 viewsI think this was Monks wedding day,with Harry Watts,George Lee and Bri HassanOct 31, 2009
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