Cochrane Selby
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
13 02 1918
Apr 1918
Engine Builder
C D Holmes
Registered JOHN JEFFERSON Owners 13 02 1918 Admiralty
  JOHN JEFFERSON LO302 Owners 03 02 1920 Registered as a fishing vessel
    Owners 04 10 1922 London register closed
  St AMANT H702 Owners 18 10 1922 Registered Hull - Thomas Hamling Hull ( Harold Hall manager )
    Sold 05 11 1935 Trident Steam Fishing Co Ltd
  LYNESS H702 Owners 12 12 1935 Renamed - Trident Steam Fishing Co Ltd ( George A Ledger manager )
    Sold 30 12 1938 Jutland Amalgamated Trawlers Ltd Hull
  LADY ENID H702 Owners 24 04 1939 -Renamed - Jutland Amalgamated Trawlers Ltd Hull ( Edward Cargill manager )
  HMT LADY ENID Owners 28 08 1939 Requisitioned for Admiralty Service Hire rate £96.18.0d a month
  LADY ENID H702 Owners 1942 J Marr & Sons Fleetwood
    Owners 13 08 1942 The City Steam Fishing Co Ltd ( J Marr & Sons Ltd manager )
    Owners 21 12 1945 Henderson Trawling Co Ltd ( J Marr & Sons Ltd manager )
  LADY ENID FD 4 Owners 07 02 1949 Dinas Steam Fishing Co Ltd Fleetwood
    Sold 04 05 1954 J Marr & Sons Ltd Fleetwood for £7.000
Fate Scrapped June 1954 LLanelli
Pennant No
Anti - Submarine / 1 – 12pdr, 1 – 3.5” A/S Howitzer, Hydro and W/T
Requisitioned Aug 1939
Dec 1945- Returned to owner
June 1940 - Portsmouth Command, Portland Sub Command  Minesweeping Group 49


Fact File

JOHN JEFFERSON - The vessels built for the Admiralty were given the names of the fallen men from the battle of Trafalgar, the JOHN JEFFERSON was one such named vessel.

Oct 1924 After a trawler went ashore at Iceland on Oct 1st it was thought after the discovery of some wreckage from the trawler and a lifebelt in the vicinity, belonging to the St Amant that she was the stricken vessel, news had been conveyed to Hull that it was the St Amant aground, but other Hull vessels had reported seeing the St Amant upto 4 days after the vessel stranding had occured, she was finally seen homeward bound near Flamborough Head. the vessel that had grounded was however the German Trawler Henry P Neuman of Cuxhaven.

09 Apr 1926 with the Hull trawler Thomas Hardy and the Grimsby trawler Waldorf  the St Amant was seized by the Icelandic authorities for illegal fishing. All vessels were fined and had their catch and gear confiscated, vessels expected to make a fishing trip before their return. As it is common practise for the confiscated gear to be sold by auction, and is frequently bought back at a nominal figure by the boats from which it has been seized, although it cannot be stated this is the case in this instant.

26 Jan 1932  SAFE HOME : Hull trawlers Buffeting,. Patched up at Reykjavik the damaged Hull trawler St Amant, which left Hull for Iceland shortly before christmas arrived home again last night. She bore few signs of the severe buffeting she had undergone during the fury of a terrific gale and the members of the crew spoke with typical seafaring modesty of thier experiences. A photograph of their vessel, however, taken in Iceland just after the severe storm testified as to the havoc which had been wrought and to the trying ordeal which they must have undergone. When interviewed today Skipper Mr J Inglis. 19 Rosamond Street was loathe to speak of his adventures. TIDAL WAVE :  " We were going to Iceland when it all occured," he said. "We had got a matter of about 410 miles, and would be about 130 miles from the island at the time. A strong gale was blowing from the west-north-west, and we must have struck a tidal wave. I was on the bridge at the time and when the upper structure of the wheelhouse was torn away falling glass struck me in the face. The compass was damaged and the ship`s boat broken up the weather as a whole being extremely bad. We never got a list or anything of that sort, and the Grimsby boat which eventually led us into reykjavik  was some considerable distance away. Repairs at Reykjavik took us 16 days and we arrived home again last night. KNOCKED OUTSIDE. The mate Mr J Johnston had a very narrow escape from injury. " I was steering the ship along," he said, " When the boat took a very heavy sea. I was knocked outside on the verandah, and only the verandah rail saved me from falling on to the deck. My watchman Kitson, had also a very narrow escape. He was severely shaken about, damaged woodwork falling around him. In fact I think it was about the worst sea I have ever been out in."  Other members of the crew were gathered in little groups on St Andrews Dockside describing to their seafaring friends the adventurous trip they had undergone, and smilingly the recounted experiences which. although now lightly regarded by them, gave rise to many anxious moments but two or three weeks ago.

13 Apr 1932 HULL TRAWLER SEIZED : Suspected of illegal fishing, The Hull trawler St Amant has been seized by the Icelandic gunboat Aegir and taken into Reykjavik where it is expected that court proceedings will commence.


Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
. . . . . . . .
PARKINSON W . ST AMANT H702 . Skipper 1927 .
HUTCHINSON GEORGE 40 ST AMANT H702 . . 15 May 1926 03 June 1926 Fined 10s 6d and one guinea solicitors fees for not joining his vessel
. . . Springfield Ave Brighton Street . . . .
MORRIS JOSEPH . ST AMANT H702 . Sparehand 06 June 1929 Sentenced to 14 days imprisonment for not turning up to sail on the trawler St Amant - after appeal sentence reduced to £2 fine, and allowed 14 days to make payment.
. . . Gillett St Hull . . . .
INGLIS J . ST AMANT H702 . Skipper Jan 1932 Skipper when vessel severely damaged in storm
WARDLE . . ST AMANT H702 . Skipper Oct 1935 .
BLACKSHAW STEVE . ST AMANT H702 . Skipper Nov 1935 First trip after vessel sold to Trident Steam Fishing Co
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .