Cochranes Selby
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
30 06 1915
87 HP
02 09 1915
Engine Builder
Registered MAGNETA H354 Owners 02 09 1915 Francis & Thomas Ross Ltd
  HMT MAGNETA Owners 1915 Requisitioned into Admiralty Service
    Owners 1919 Returned to Owner
      12 09 1922 Hull Register closed
Fate : 01 Feb 1922 Lost off Murmask in a Hurricane while under Arrest for illegal fishing
Admiralty Requisition
Pennant No
HMT Magneta, trawler, salvage of SV Laima, 11 Nov 1916 (30084)
HMT Magneta, trawler, salvage of barquentine H B Linnemann, 7 Apr 1917 (30815) (London Gazette 26 July 1918 )


31 Jan 1922 At the time of this incident Russia had at the time an imposed three mile fishing limit.  The Magneta while fishing nine miles from the N Russian coast near Harlov, was arrested by a Russian Gunboat for illegal fishing in Russian Territorial Waters. The commander of the Gunboat took 2 members of the crew off the Magneta and placed two of the gunboats crew aboard the trawler, this was to ensure the trawler followed the gunboat into port and did not make a run for it. The Magneta was escorted under arrest to an anchorage at Porchnika Bay, on her way into Murmansk, but during the night Hurricane conditions persued and the magneta was forced onto the rocks off the Russian coast, with the loss of all the Magneta`s crewmen and the two Russian sailors. The two crewmen who had been taken aboard the Gunboat were the only survivors from the Magneta.  3 of the bodies were immediately recovered from the vessel a further six bodies washed ashore in the comming days. The bodies were never returned to Hull and were buried In Murmansk by the Greek Orthodox Church. In the comming weeks there was much confusion about the identity of the 2 men that had been taken as hostages by the Russian Gunboat now been brought home by the Russian Steamer JACOB SVERDLOV . It was believed that one of them was the skipper and even as the surivors arrived at Paragon station Hull, families had to wait to see who got off the train to ascertain the identities of the two survivors.


The British Government made representations for a claim for compensation in regards to the loss of the vessel and crew to the amount of £26,591. £21,000 of the claim was in respect to the loss of the vessel  and £5,591 to be allocated to the bereaved families and 2 surviving fishermen.  The Russian Governments repundiation of the claim and any acceptance of liability would last for several years. But by December of 1922 a British warship was sent to protect the British fishing vessels around the Russian coast almost 1,400 miles from Hull.

The representation for the compensation claim was in part,based on the facts that several Hull and Grimsby vessels fishing in the same vicinit, as that in which the Magneta had been found, had stayed in open water and had ridden out the hurricane winds, which had the Magneta been in the same open water and not been in the designated anchorage, there is little doubt she would have survived the hurricane.

The foreign office reply to this was that the Russian representative for foreign affairs in Moscow had read the patrol boats report that they had found the ‘MAGNETA’ fishing illegally near ‘HARLOV’ and that they had ordered the trawler to follow her and anchor at the safe point of ‘PORCHNIKA BAY’. During the night, a Hurricane had developed which drove the ‘MAGNETA’ onto a reef where all attempts to save her had failed and she subsequently sank with the loss of all hands including the skipper and the two Russian sailors. The only survivors were the mate and deck hand who had been taken aboard the patrol boat previously. The foreign office also stated that a fuller account, together with the evidence of the survivors would be taken up with the soviet government.

On June 4th 1924 it was reported that the forthcomming Anglo- Soviet conference should be postponed, as to give the Soviet delagation time for further examination of some of the questions at present under discussion. Meanwhile the committee of organisation has settled the question of the claim for compensation presented by the British Government to the Soviet Union Government in connection with the capture on Jan 31st 1922 and the subsequent loss of the British Trawler Magneta whilst fishing off the Murmansk coasts, outside the three mile limit. The committee decided that as the Soviet Government admitted in principle its liability to pay compensation in this case, the actual amount of the compensation due should be fixed by the British and Soviet Union experts who are now dealing in London with other claims of a similar nature.

Address / Vessel
Birth Pl
Occupation / Relationship
Date/ Scource
. . . . . . . .
GEDDES ROBERT MORGAN 32 HMT MAGNETA . Deckhand 1482/DA 12 06 1916 Son of William and Ann Geddes, of 6, Canal Lane, Aberdeen.
. . . . . . . .
. . . 37 Guildford Street Grimsby . . . .
. . . . . . . .
ANDERSON ROBERT 26 MAGNETA H354 . Deckhand 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 crewmen when under arrest off murmansk by Russians
. . . 7 Emily Tce - Gillett St . . . .
APPLEYARD FREDERICK 22 MAGNETA . Trimmer 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 crewmen when under arrest by Russians off murmansk coast
. . . 13 St Andrews St . . . .
CLARKSON ERNEST . MAGNETA H354 . Bosun 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 other crewmen when vessel wrecked of murmansk
. . . 8 Herberts Tce Brighton St . . . .
EDWARDS H . MAGNETA H354 . Cook 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 other crewmen when vessel wrecked of murmansk
. . . . . . . .
HILL GEORGE 34 MAGNETA H354 . Chief Engineer 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 other crewmen when vessel wrecked of murmansk
. . . 42 Waverley St Hull . . . .
IVES ALBERT   MAGNETA H354 . Skipper 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 other crewmen off Murmansk Coast while under Russian Arrest - Brother of Third Hand William Ives
nee HODGSON BARBARA B . 8 Fern Grove Division Road . Spouse . Maiden Name Farrel - Married John Hodgson in1912 at St Barnabas who was killed in the war they had two children one son 2 yrs and a four month old son Thomas W b: 1913 / John A b:1915 . Married Albert Ives at St Barnabas 1920 and at the time of his death they had a 5 month old Daughter called Barbara.
IVES WILLIAM . MAGNETA H354 . Third Hand 01 Feb 1922 Lost with 9 other crewmen off Murmansk Coast while under Russian Arrest
. . . 8 Welton Tce Wassand St . . . Bother of the Skipper Albert Ives
NEWBY FREDERICK 31 MAGNETA H354 . Second Engineer 01 Feb 1922 Lost with vessel - Brother of Frederick also brother to John and Alfred who also perished aboard Hull trawlers
. . . St Georges Grove Woodcock St Hull . . . Served four and a half years in France wounded three times
01 Feb 1922
Brother of Lorenso also brother to John and Alfred who also perished aboard Hull trawlers
. . . 4 Victoria Ave Woodcock St Hull . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .


TRAWLER "MAGNETA" (ARREST). 11 December 1922

Major ENTWISTLE asked the Prime Minister whether, in view of the fact that the Russian Government have repudiated, on the grounds of vis major, the claim for compensation which was put forward on behalf of the owners of the steam trawler "Magneta" and of the dependants of those members of the crew who perished when the vessel, while under illegal arrest, was wrecked off the coast of Murmansk, His Majesty's Government will accept the responsibility for the said compensation pending the determination of this question, when a final and comprehensive treaty of peace is concluded with Russia?

Mr. McNEILL I regret that it is not possible for His Majesty's Government to accept any responsibility in this connection.

Major ENTWISTLE In view of the fact that it will probably be a very long time before we get this final treaty with Russia, and in view of the great need of these people, are there not any funds out of which the Government could make interim compensation?

Mr. McNEILL I am not aware of any.

Major ENTWISTLE Will the hon. Gentleman inquire and see whether, in the meantime, some payment of compensation could not be made on account, until something is obtained from Russia?

Mr. McNEILL I think that question was fully answered to the hon. and gallant Member in the last Parliament.

Mr. HARDIE If the Government cannot get funds to meet this case, where did they get funds to bring Prince Andrew away from Greece?


.Colonel LAMBERT WARD asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1) whether he has any further information on the subject of the arrest of the British trawler "Magneta" by a Russian warship, and the subsequent wrecking of the vessel with serious loss of life; what steps he intends to take to obtain compensation for this outrage;
(2) whether his attention has been called to the arrest of the British trawler "St. Hubert" by a Russian warship, 10½ miles from the Russian coast; what steps he intends to take to secure her 1754 release; and is there any danger of the crew meeting the same fate as the crew of the "Magneta"?

Mr. HARMSWORTH  The British agent at Moscow has been instructed to make a strong protest to the Soviet Government against the arrest of these two vessels, to claim compensation and to ask for the immediate release of the "St. Hubert" and her crew. According to my information, the "St. Hubert" lies in the roads of Murmansk, and there would not therefore appear to be any serious danger of her meeting the same fate as the "Magneta."
Colonel WARD Will the hon. Gentleman use the resources at his disposal to endeavour to find out if there are any more survivors? At the present moment the names of those lost are very uncertain, and it is causing a very great amount of unnecessary suffering at the port of registry, where the wives of these men are hoping against hope that their husbands may have survived.

Mr. HARMSWORTH Yes, Sir. I think the two known survivors have already arrived in this country, and I am sure-information could be obtained from them.

Colonel WARD I have already seen the survivors, and it cannot be obtained from them. They suggest that, possibly, there are other survivors, and they are very anxious that His Majesty's Government should make inquiries.

Viscount CURZON If a satisfactory reply is not forthcoming from the Russian Government in these two cases, will it make any difference to Mr. Lenin's reception at Genoa?

Mr. HARMSWORTH That is purely a hypothetical question, but I will make further inquiries, as requested by my hon. and gallant Friend.