John Lewis & Sons Aberdeen
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05 03 1931
79 HP
Engine Builder
John Lewis & Sons Aberdeen
Registered LOCH ARD A151 Owners Loch Line Steam Fishing Co Aberdeen Smith & Holmes - H A Holmes manager
      Fishing from Hull under Hellyer Brothers managment
Fate : The Loch Ard Left Hull for the Icelandic Fishing Grounds on the 14th Jan 1934 after a call in  to Aberdeen for slight repairs on the 16th she was not seen or heard of again, the weather at the time was said to be atrocious to Iclandic standards.



The Loch Ard A151 was a Aberdeen owned and registered vessel but was fishing from Hull, under the management of Hellyer Brothers at the time of her loss. The Loch Ard left Hull under skipper William Shears with a crew of 13 Hull men on Jan 14th 1934 for the Icelandic fishing grounds. On her way to the fishing grounds she called into Aberdeen for some minor repairs at which time the second engineer who had a septic finger was sent back to Hull and a replacement Aberdeen man William Copeland replaced him. On a trip that would normally last between 23 and 24 days to the Icelandic Grounds, some six weeks after she left Hull, the owners after having no news of the vessel posted her officially lost on 02 March 1934. The loss would leave twenty two Hull children fatherless and seven Hull widows, with the addition of William Copelands wife and five children there were 8 widows and 27 seven children left fatherless. For the widow of the skipper of the Loch Ard, Mrs Beatrice Shears there would be further anguish to her grief, firstly in the form of a hoax letter sent to her, and after re marrying in 1936 two years after the death of her husband she would lose her second husband John Thompson on the trawler Sansonnet. The day the vessel sailed Mrs Freer the wife of the mate had a presentiment that she would never see him again.

Hope of the trawlers safe return had been held out as she was not fitted with wireless, and the possibility of her been icebound and not able to communicate had been held onto by both the owners and the families. Around the time the Loch Ard should have been fishing near Iceland the German trawler Claus Bolton, fishing in the vicinity met with severe weather and very rough seas, One exceptionally heavy sea hit the vessel and tore the small boat from her fixings and carried it overboard, bending the cradle it sat on like it was made of tin. The skipper stating that this winter was one of the worst he had experienced at Iceland. The German Trawler Bonn had been lost two days earlier in the North Sea although the crew were saved.

The Loch Ard continued to the Icelandic fishing grounds and left Aberdeen on the 16th Jan 1934, when the skipper telegramed his wife to say they were sailing. Nothing further was heared from the vessel. A German trawler reported seeing the Loch Ard at the fishing grounds and warned her by semaphore of the dangers of proceeding, owing to masses of ice that were floating down from the fjords. Several patrol boats including a British Gunboat searched for the Loch Ard, all vessels arriving in home waters were questioned to see if they had, had contact with her.

Hoax Letter Received by Mrs Shears wife of skipper William Shears, letter was handed to Messrs Hellyers, the Hull agents of the Loch Ard. The letter originated from Shropshire, all concerned with the Hull fishing industry concluded the letter was a cruel hoax.

" The Hull trawler Loch Ard was seized by Russian Soviet pirates on the high seas after leaving Aberdeen, towed into Soviet Russian territory, confiscated, and then taken ashore, shot dead so as they could not escape to tell the truth of Russian piracy, on high seas under Soviet Five Years. Merchant ships have also been done the same. There is Ogpu Soviet spies in Hull espionaging, and other foreign spies. That is why so many Hull trawlers are missing and their crews shot."




Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
. . . . . . . .
COPELAND WILLIAM . LOCH ARD A151 . Second Engineer 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing / Whilst awaiting repair in Aberdeen the second engineer aboard the Loch Ard became ill and was sent home, William Copeland was his replacement - Aberdeen man
. . . 49 Commerce Street Aberdeen . . . Leaves a widow and five children 3 sons at sea - a married daughter abroad and a thirteen year old daughter
. . . . . . . .
BLAND G 39 LOCH ARD A151 . Fireman / Trimmer 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing
. . . 59 Sledmere Grove, North Rd . . . Making his first trip on the Loch Ard he had previously sailed on the Eldorado untill she was laid up. During war service served on minesweepers been torpedoed three times. Lived with his Niece
BRADSHAW JOHN 46 LOCH ARD A151 . Cook 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a wife and three children
. . . 82 Manchester St Hull . . . The oldest member of the crew with 27 years service on trawlers doing five previous trips on the Loch Ard. During war service served in Minesweepers at Sheerness and Constantinople. He has a brother also a Hull fisherman
FREER WILLIAM READON 26 LOCH ARD A151 . Mate 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a wife and one child
. . . 11 Filey Grove, Liverpool St Hull . . . The day he went away his wife had a presentiment that she would never see him again. in 1932-1933 he had made 18 trips on the Loch Ard and one on the Loch Leven, after taking 3 months off to take his mates certificate this was his first trip as mate. He had started fishing at the age of 16 with Pickering & Haldanes Steam Trawling Co.
HOWE GEORGE 35 LOCH ARD A151 . Spare Hand 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a wife and 9 children - Five sons three of which are married and four daughters of which three are also married. George had been at sea since the age of 15 mostly in the mercantile marine but due to  the heavy unemployment in the mercantile marine division had found work on the trawlers, during the first war he served on minesweepers at the age of 16. George had been a very good swimmer attaining several awards, his brother was also a trawlerman on the Loch Torridon.
. ADA . 7 Gladstone Terrace, Courtney St Hull . Mother . .
At Hull County Court in Oct 1934 Ada Howe mother of George claimed  £225 compensation, stating at the time of the loss George was earning £2 2s a week, plus keep, liver money and poundage. He used to contribute £4 every three weeks towards houshold expenses, and also bought clothes for his brother Edward and his sister, Hilda. It was claimed that these along with the mother were partially dependant upon George`s earnings. It was contended that a reasonable assumption was that George contributed an average of £1 a week towards the families income.  Mr Pearlman agreed that this was probably the sum but argued that the family had lost a valuable contributor to the household income. The father`s earnings averaged £2 a week and the son Edward was unable to work because he was paralysed, and daughter, Hilda, was weak and unable to earn a continual wage. He contended they must consider sickness on the part of the family members. The son was earning more than the father and was the most substantial contributor to the family fund. On giving his decision the Judge he assessed the average contributions of the deceased at 25s a week, and assuming that these contributions would have been continued for a period of three years, he gave his award accordingly. That would mean an award of £195 to the dependant applicant.
LYNCH DANIEL 20 LOCH ARD A151 . Fireman 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing
. . . 1 Albert Dock Terrace, Bean St, Hull . . . .
McHAGUE GEORGE 24 LOCH ARD A151 . Bosun 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a widow and one child
. . . Palm Grove Eastbourne St Hull . . . Although been at sea from the age of 14 this was only his second trip aboard the Loch Ard - His father although at home sick is also a Hull trawlerman
MOONEY JOSEPH 20 LOCH ARD A151 Fleetwood Spare Hand 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing
. EDITH . 5 Harolds Terrace, Scarborough St Hull . MOTHER . Although been born at Fleetwood moved with his family to Hull at a very early age had been on Hull trawlers for the past three years. At Hull County Court in July 1934 Edith Mooney mother of Joseph agreed to accept £175 compensation as a partial dependant of her son.
SHEARS WILLIAM HENRY 34 LOCH ARD A151 . Skipper 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a widow and two young children
. . . 24 Liverpool St Hull . . . Wife of William Shears later married John William Thompson in 1936 who would also be lost on the trawler Sansonnet
SHEPHERDSON THOMAS 20 LOCH ARD A151 . Spare Hand 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing



. 11 Albert Terrace, Gillett St Hull .



. Doing his second trip on the Loch Ard, he was the support of the family his wage giving them a little extra help, as his father was an invalid and his brother a schoolboy, his parents were so pleased he had done so well and got himself a job on the Loch Ard. At Hull County Court in July 1934 Thomas and Martha Shepherdson the parents of Thomas were awarded £250 and costs compensation after claims were settled by agreement. Parents claimed they were practically wholly dependent upon their son.
TURNER HENRY 37 LOCH ARD A151 . Third Hand 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a wife and seven children
. . . 127 Gillett St Hull . . . Henry previously sailed on the Lorenzo this was his first trip on the Loch Ard
WHITE GEORGE A 40 LOCH ARD A151 . Chief Engineer 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Leaves a wife and six children all under 14, his wife had given birth just two weeks earlier
. . . 3 Wright Terrace, Manchester St Hull . . . .
WILSON THOMAS 33 LOCH ARD A151 . Deckhand 04 Feb 1934 Lost with all hands vessel missing - Mother Margaret Shaw
. . . Perseverance Terrace, Luke St Hull . . . Leaves a wife and two children both girls aged 13 and 10, having been a trawlerman since the age of 14 had only done one days work ashore since leaving school.
. . . . . . . .
DAVIDSON GEORGE HENRY . LOCH ARD A151 . Fireman 11 Nov 1932 Was fined 21s and costs and ordered to forfeit one days pay at Hull police court after been charged with disobeying orders in that he signed on the Loch Ard and was told to report on 6th Nov at 10am, he did not turn up and a substitue had to be found delaying the vessel two hours. It was alleged that he had said he was drunk but denied this saying on the morning he was ill.
. . . Michael Street Hull . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .