Cook Welton & Gemmell Hull
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
27 04 1937
Engine Builder
Amos & Smith
135 HP
14 07 1937
12 .8 K
Registered ITALIA CAESAR GY442 Owners 1937 - Earl Steam Fishing Grimsby
Renamed LADY ELSA H532 Owners 1938 - 1939 Jutland Amalgamated Trawlers Ltd
  H.M.T LADY ELSA Owners 1939 - 1946 Admiralty
  LADY ELSA H286 Owners 1946 - 1950 Jutland Amalgamated Trawlers Ltd
  LORD TAY H286 Owners 1950 - 1953 Associated Fishing Trawling Co Hull
    Owners 1953 - 1964 Lord Line Hull
Fate : 1964 Seriously damaged by a fire which broke out in the engine room while in St Andrews Dock Hull she was later scrapped
Admiralty Requisition
Pennant No
April 1940 - 21st A/S strike force part of the British Expeditionary Force to Norway
Convoy Escort - ONS 21
25 03 1941 Collided with Norwegian Submarine B1 near Cambletown and substained bow damage
10 Feb 1942 Loaned to US for Anti Submarine patrols retained her RN crew

April 29, 1942 The HMS Lady Elsa was escorting the Ashkhabad and her crew of 47, three of which were women, on her journey from New York to Cuba. At 09:50, HMS Lady Elsa spotted a U-Boat that was 500 yards off the starboard side of the Ashkhabad. HMS Lady Elsa fired one shot that caused the U-402 to dive but not before firing a single torpedo. The torpedo hit Ashkhabad on the starboard side just below the waterline. And although she had no watertight doors only the rear of the ship flooded. The U-402 partially surfaced about 500 yards off of the starboard side of the ship. The crew of the Ashkhabad, fired three shots from the forward .30-caliber gun, but all three missed. An hour after the attack, Captain Alexy Pavlovitch put all of his code books in a weighted box and sank them. Then he gave the order to abandon ship. The HMS Lady Elsa picked up all of the crew and took them to Morehead City.

On May 3, 1942, the USS Semmes, a destroyer, came upon the Ashkhabad and determined that she was abandoned and a navigational hazard and fired three rounds from her 3-inch guns. The hits caused the midship superstructure to catch fire. Seeing the fire, the HMS St. Zeno went to the Ashkhabad. The HMS St. Zeno fired a shot at the Ashkhabad, under the authorization of the commanding officer of the HMS Hertfordshire, who was in command of all British armed trawlers at Morehead City. His explanation was that he thought the HMS St. Zeno might sink the Ashkhabad and extinguish the fire.



War Service Crewmen
Commander   SHEFFIELD - RALPH . G  
Temp Sub-Lieutenant 1940 RANKIN - G . J  
Temp Sub-Lieutenant 1940 FLITT - P . F  
Temp Lieutenant 1940 HODDER . J H