Cochranes Selby
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
10 May 1906
70 HP
17 Jul 1906
Engine Builder
C D Holmes
10.5 K
Registered HECTOR SA 15 Owners 1906 The Hector Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Swansea
    Manager 1910 Chrisr. Nosworthy, Park Isha, Oakwood Rd, Swansea, manager
    Manager 1911 Alexander Keay, 40 Alexander Terrace, Brynmill
    Stranded 05 Nov 1911 Stow Island, Aran Islands.
    Register 21 02 1912 Swansea register closed, total loss, later salvaged repaired and sold.
  HECTOR LL115 Owners 1912 Thomas Hudson, St Andrews Dock, Hull Managing owner
    Owners May 1913 East Riding Steam Fishing Co Ltd Hull.
    Register 10 May 1913 registered Hull, East Riding Steam Fishing Co Ltd Hull, Thomas Hudson, manager
Renamed IRAWADI H941 Register 04 June 1913 renamed
  HMT IRAWADI Owners Aug 1914 requisitioned by Admiralty
    Register 06 Dec 1916 Hull register closed
Fate : 10 Aug 1916 Wrecked on Tigani rocks near Crete in Eastern Mediterranean
Admiralty Requisition
Pennant No
Aug 1914
10 Aug 1916 Lost



05 Nov 1911 Stow Island, Aran Islands stranded in a storm and was deemed a total loss, she was later salavaged and repaired. She then came to Hull as the Irawadi H941.


We the undersigned, on behalf of the crew of the steam trawler Hector, of Swansea which was wrecked on Straw Island, Galway bay during the gale of the 4th/5th November will feel much obliged if you will give us room in the column of your newspaper to express our gratitude to the lighthouse keeper Mr.B.R. Jeffers for the valuable assistance and hospitality on that occasion. We had been laying at anchor in Kilronan bay for eight days during which it had been blowing hard and on the 4th the gale increased to a hurricane, which prevented our skipper, who had gone ashore to get provisions, from getting back to the ship.

We proceeded close to Kilronan and dropped our anchors. While attempting to keep her from dragging, the wire hawser attached to our anchors fouled the propeller, rendering the engines useless. We made signals of distress and although there were four trawlers of our own class, one large steamer and a coastguard in the vicinity they were unable to render any assistance. One trawler, the S.T. Picton Castle did try but had to abandon us to our fate.

We then tried to launch our own boat but had to give up owing to the ship bumping heavily. We then got on life-belts and observed Mr. Jeffers coming along the rocks with his lifeline and two dogs. The ship being 150 yards from the shore we then threw overboard planks and barrels etc which would help us ashore. We then jumped into the surf and started swimming and drifting towards the rocks. Mr. Jeffers had come out into the surf at great personal risk; having himself been knocked down by the heavy seas on two or three occasions, and used his lifeline to our great advantage. One of his dogs, Rover, a big shaggy sheepdog also entered the water and caught one helpless man by the clothing and dragged him ashore. We were in an exhausted condition but on reaching the lighthouse we were provided with dry clothes and hot drinks, Mr and Miss Jeffers doing all in their power to make us comfortable. We remained in the lighthouse all night and on the following day we were able to get ashore to Kilronan.
Had it not been for the timely aid thus rendered, no doubt most of us would have perished as no other assistance could have reached us until the next day.

Yours etc A.A. Douglas, mate, W.H. Hook chief engineer, G.F. Dillon 2nd engineer


18 Nov 1911 Daily News. Swansea.  MEN SAVED BY DOGS.

A thrilling story of shipwreck and of rescues by dogs as told by Nathan Miles, Fireman of the Swansea steam trawler Hector SA15, The Hector carrying a crew of nine hands, went ashore at Kilronan, on the Irish coast, during the heavy weather. "Great seas swept over the vessel," said Miles, "and at length we heard the order, `Every man for himself.` We had lifebelts on, and with the exception of the captain, mate and chief engineer, we plunged into the surf. At first we could make little or no progress ; then a couple of huge waves carried us towards the shore, where two dogs belonging to Mr. Jeffers, the lighthouse keeper, jumped into the water, caught our jerseys in their teeth, and dragged us ashore.

28 Feb 1913 : A shield was awarded at the London Crufts dog show under the class Spratt`s Canine Heroes` 13 awards have been given to dogs which have performed deeds of life-saving. Amongst the exhibits "Rover," a well bred Irish Terrier, which rescued one of the crew of the steam trawler Hector SA15, which was wrecked on 05 Nov 1911.


The Hull Steam Trawlers Mutual Insurance and Protection Company, Ltd, put out a tender for the salvage and delivery of the vessel to Galaway, Limerick. Queenstown or Hull.
Tenders to specify a sum for
(1) Salving and delivery as mentioned
(2) Bonus in event of failure
(3) Sale of vessel, as she now lies, with Anchors, Cables, and Stores on board.



Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
MELLERSHIP GEORGE - DSC 33 HMT IRAWADI Gainsborough Skipper RNR 24 05 1916 Husband of Edith Mellership, of 25, King's Bench St, Saner St., Hull.
Skipper of Hull trawlers prior to joining the Royal Navyal Reserve. 5 Laurel Grove, Tyne St, Hull Died of Consumption at Plymouth Hospital, leaving a wife and four children. Was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross " For Long, arduous and dangerous duties during the landing and evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula."
ON 124352 . . IRAWADI H941 . . 19 Jul 1913 C DPF/ 30/616
HUDSON THOMAS . IRAWADI H941 . Owner 19 Jul 1913 .
EMMERSON C . IRAWADI H941 . Skipper 19 Jul 1913 .
LUMLEY W . IRAWADI H941 . Skipper 19 Jul 1913 .
DRAY W . IRAWADI H941 . Second Hand 19 Jul 1913 .
MOUGHTON J . IRAWADI H941 . Bosun 19 Jul 1913 .
HATFIELD H . IRAWADI H941 . Third Hand 19 Jul 1913 .
HATFIELD W . IRAWADI H941 . Fourth Hand 19 Jul 1913 .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .