Cook Welton & Gemmell Hull
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
13 Dec 1924
23 Mar 1925
Engine Builder
Amos & Smith
Registered IMPERIALIST H143 Owners 23 Mar 1925 Hellyer Brothers Ltd Hull
    Owners 1934 Newfoundland Trawling Co - C A Crosbie Manager - St Johns Newfoundland
    Owners 15 10 1934 Hull Register closed
Renamed ADMINISTRATEUR DE BOURNAT Owners 1938L`ArmementSt Perrais - L Dupont & P Andrieux managers, St Pierre France
  ALASTOR Owners 1940 Seized by the Royal Navy and renamed
  HMT BRETWALDA Owners Purchased by Admiralty
  WHITE NILE H39 Owners 08 10 1946 St Andrews Steam Fishing Co Ltd Hull
  JUPITER Owners 11 01 1947 Polish Government Fleet - "Dalmor" Przedsiobiorstwo Poloww, Dalekomorskich, managers - Gydnia Poland
Fate : 1960 Scrapped
Pennant No
Anti- submarine
Sold 1946
13 Oct 1944 Collided with Dutch Submarine 015 - on the Clyde



The IMPERIALIST H143 was one of several trawlers to go to the assitance of the Grimsby trawler HOWE GY 177 Which on the morning of 19th November 1931 had grounded on the rocks off Bogevika Bear Island. The Howe which had been heading for the fishing ground had been battling heavy seas and gale force winds, with frequent snow squalls. when she grounded in the early hours of the morning. with large waves breaking over her and the vessel filling with water the crew scrambled to the wheelhouse a distress signal was sent immediately but there was no reply. It was not untill approximately 7am that a distress signal was answered by the radio post on the island , they immediately relayed the signal to all shipping in the vicinity. Meanwhile one of the crew Deck Hand George Harmer had tried to make the 40 yards to the shore with a rope but on two occasions he was washed back to the Howe or overcome by the waves. On the morning of the 21st the skipper of the IMPERIALIST tried to get his vessel close enough to get a a line aboard the stricken Howe, but when his vessel started to touch bottom he retreated to deeper water. The THOMAS HARDY another Hull trawler then moved closer to the Howe and launched her lifeboat with 2 crewmen aboard - Ernie Hunter of the Thomas Hardy and George Smith of the Imperialist, again they tempted to get the lifeboat to the stricken vessel but both men were thrown into the sea and had to be pulled back.

Meanwhile the ELF KING a Grimsby trawler and the CAPE SPARTIVENTO and the PENNINE two further Hull trawlers had landed men on the East side of the island and had set off over rough terrain in freezing conditions to reach the stricken vessel. 7 hrs after a 9 mile trek over the island a party reached the cliffs above the HOWE at approximately 2pm on the 21st. The crew were brought off the wreck but still had to endure the trek back across the Island to the wireless station. Later the Elf King took the crew to Tromso in Norway were they boarded the Hull trawler Danesman for their homeward journey.


The King awarded the Bronze Medal for Gallantry for the saving of life at sea to the following.

GEORGE - HARMER - ( Deck Hand ) Steam Trawler Howe Gy 177

ERNEST - HUNTER ( Deck Hand ) Steam Trawler Thomas Hardy Hull

GEORGE - W- SMITH (Deck Hand ) Steam Trawler Imperialist H143

Pieces of silver plate were awarded by the Board of Trade to Skipper E. Drinkall of the Elf King and T Johanson and E Lindburg both wireless operators on Bear Island. A binocular glass was awarded to the Skipper of the Imperialist T Worthington. Silver Cigarette cases were awaded as Follows: Crew members of Elf King: Francis Frith ( 1st Engineman ), William Mantrip ( 2nd Hand ), Henry Walker ( Deck Hand ), William Coulbeck ( Trimmer ), Frank Crawford ( Trimmer ) Frederic Thornton ( Deck Hand / Fireman ) Crew members of Cape Spartivento: Robert Milliner ( 2nd Hand ) George Burrel ( 3rd Hand ) Charles Wallace ( Bosun ) Robert Glentworth ( Cook ) Lester Brookes, Thomas Giles, Thomas Hodgson, (Spare Hands ) Crew members of the Pennine: Harold Hobson ( 2nd Hand ), William L Rust ( Deckhand ) Walter Ruinsey ( 3rd Hand ), William Hatton ( Bosun ), Arthur Rogers and John Walton ( Spare Hands ). Skippers T Turner of the Cape Spartivento and J Dahlgreen Skipper of the Pennine were also later given awards.


Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
HUME BOREA . 65 . IMPERIALIST H143 . Skipper 30 DEC 1933 Died after illness aboard vessel
  . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
WORTHINGTON T . IMPERIALIST H143 . Skipper 19 Nov 1931 Awarded Binocular Glass rescue of the Howe Gy177
SMITH GEORGE . W . IMPERIALIST H143 . Mate / Second Hand 19 Nov 1931 Awarded Bronze medal for gallantry Glass rescue of the Howe Gy177
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .