Cook Welton & Gemmell
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
02 02 1915
87 HP
15 06 1915
Engine Builder
Amos & Smith
10.5 K
Registered EARL KITCHENER H345 Owners 15 06 1915 Imperial Steam Fishing Co Ltd Hull
  H.M.T EARL KITCHENER Owners Oct 1915 Admiralty  Requisition
    Owners 27 10 1919 Hellyer Brothers Ltd Hull
    Owners 1920  Returned from Admiralty to owners
    Grounded 27 Oct 1928 River Humber ran aground betwwen St Andrews Dock and Riverside Quay as she left for the Murmansk Coast although left high and dry with no damage she was expected to resume her journey at the next high tide.
  H.M.T EARL KITCHENER Owners 29 08 1939 Admiralty  Requisition
    Owners 30 07 1945 Lord Line Hull
    Owners 1946 Returned from Admiralty to owners
    Owners 04 04 1950 - Associated Fisheries Hull
    Sold for scrapping 1953 Thomas Young & Sons Ltd-  06 02 1953 Arrived Sunderland
    Re allocated 03 07 1953 Stockton Shipping & Salvage Co
Fate : July 1953 Scrapped at Thornaby on tees
Admiralty Requisition
Pennant No
Oct 1915
1915 After only 3 trips as a fishing vessel she was requisitioned into war service were she was sent in Sept 1915 to Lowestoft to be fitted out: In Dec 1915 She left Yarmouth for Port Said. The Earl Kitchenr fired the first shell into Palestine either from land or sea.
Aug 1939


10th Nov 1923

The Hull Trawler Earl Kitchener was arrested near Vardo for illegal fishing in Norwegian Territorial waters. Skipper fines £130 and catch confiscated.

30th Nov 1924

WORTHINGTON - THOMAS - ( Skipper ) 30 Nov 1924 Skipper Worthington was charged with fishing inside Icelandic 3 mile limit which he denied, He was sentenced to a fine and imprisonment but released pending appeal having served 3 days imprisonment.The earl Kitchener had been sheltering from bad weather at the port of Keflevig when a Icelandic Gunboat sent Naval Officers aboard and captured the ship, the vessel was then made to go to Reykjavik under her own steam. Skipper Worthington was placed into a prison cell were after 3 days he was charged with illegal fishing at the Police Court were he was accused of fishing within the 3 mile limit last July. Skipper Worthington repudiated the charge, he was fined 30,000 Kroner and sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, On entering an appeal to the Icelandic High Court he was given bail of 51,000 Kroner which is owners have deposited, he must return to Iceland for the High Court Hearing. 28TH March 1925 The Supreme court at Reykjavik confirmed the sentence of 3 months imprisonment in the case of T Worthington skipper of the Hull Trawler Earl Kitchener, The fine however has been reduced from £1.500 to £1.200 The vessel was charged for fishing 2 miles off the coast.

Oct 30th 1934

The Hull Trawler Earl Kitchener reaches port: Under skipper Walter Harrison the Earl Kitchener battled a Hurricane with severe damage to reach the port of Akureyri. Life Belts which had washed ashore in Iceland from the Earl Kitchener had given fear to her safety but she arrived in the port of Akureyri last night, her bridge was stove in and she had lost her boats in the recent hurricane, two crewmen J Harrison ( Mate ) J Hetherington ( Sparehand ) that were injured were transfered to hospital and her skipper who had been at the wheel for 54 hours had frost bite to his feet. As a result of the damage the Earl Kitchener had to remain in Akureyri untill the 06 Nov undergoing repairs to the Bridge. On her arrival at Hull she was met by the joyful families of the crewmen  and a motor ambulance which took John Harrison and John Hetherington to their homes. Walter Harrison the skipper said it was the worst storm he had been in after nearly a quarter of a century at sea. "I am not a highly religious man" said skipper Harrison but in this crisis, I sought divine guidance. And my prayer was answered. There was a break in the storm and we could feel instinctively that the bite had gone out of the Hurricane. The first mishap was the smashing of the telegraph. The speaking tube became choked with water. The effect of the broken telegraph was that the engines were stopped and the ship was at the mercy of the waves. The chief engineer however pulled the whistle out of the speaking tube and was able to restore communications with the wheelhouse. As the storm grew worse the roof of the wheelhouse was torn away and the wheel smashed. John Harrison the brother of the skipper went to his assistance, but heavy seas spun the wheel out of his hands, which then struck him and fractured his thigh. "I was on the bridge for fifty nine hours continuously" said skipper Harrison. The trawler returned to Hull with a wooden hut in place of the wheelhouse and a temporary wheel, her deck gear was also extensively damaged.


Address / Vessel
Birth Pl
Occupation / Relationship
Date/ Scource
. . . . . . . .
BLACKBURN SYDNEY HARTLEY 37 EARL KITCHENER H345 . Chief Engineer 12 Jan 1932 Died of Pneumonia at Iceland after illness aboard vessel
. . . Derwent Avenue Hampshire St . . . HDM - 14 01 1932 - Photo
CARTER WILLIAM 36 EARL KITCHENER H345 . Bosun 18 Jan 1948 Lost overboard
. . . Ribble Street Hull . . . .
HASTIE THOMAS 42 LORD KITCHENER H345 . Sparehand 21 Jan 1923 Lost overboard off Iceland ( Scottie )
. . . 15 Scarborough St . . . .
PHILLIPS HENRY 43 EARL KITCHENR . Chief Engineer 25 June 1929 Died in hospital Iceland after illness aboard vessel
. . . 2 Ivy Grove Rugby St Hull . . . .
. . . . . . . .
TATTERSALL HENRY 42 EARL KITCHENER H345 . Trimmer 01 Aug 1948 Lost overboard
. . . 130 Divisioin Rd Hull . . . .
. . . . . . . .
12 Aug 1937
Lost overboard
WARDLE ? . . 4 Claremont Ave Beecroft St Hull .   . .
. . . . . . . .
WORTHINGTON THOMAS . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Skipper Apr 1924 For a 12 day trip to Iceland landed 100 Tons of fish made £3,000
WORTHINGTON THOMAS . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Skipper 30 Nov 1924 Aboard in gale which damaged wheel house
HARRISON WALTER . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Skipper 30 Nov 1934 Aboard in gale which damaged wheel house had frost bite to feet - Brother of John also aboard
HARRISON JOHN . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Mate 30 Nov 1924 Aboard in gale which damaged wheel house received a fractured thigh - Brother to skipper Walter also aboard.
HETHERINGTON JOHN . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Spare Hand 30 Nov 1924 Aboard in gale which damaged wheel house received a severe cut to the head
. . . . . . . .
EDSON ROBERT 50 EARL KITCHENER H345 . Deckhand 27 Feb 1928 On her way home from the Icelandic Fishing grounds about 200 miles from Aberdeen the vessel was hit by a heavy sea. Robert Edson received a head injury and was bleeding profusely from the forehead. The vessel put into Aberdeen and Robson admitted to the Royal infirmary were it was found a artery had been cut. After dressing Edson left for Hull by train.
. . . 48 Liverpool St Hull . . . .

24 JAN 1950

Whilst at anchor in the Humber off Minerva Pier after a trip to the White sea, the Earl Kitchener was waiting for the tide so she could enter St Andrews dock the Bosun C Cockerell shouted to the skipper William Hookem that the Chief was overboard. Going on deck the skipper saw the Chief Engineer Frederick Robinson swimming to the shore and fighting against the strong current which was carrying him upstream. A boat was launched from the trawler with the mate and six other men to rescue the Chief. The Chief was carried about 100 yards till he was picked up by another boat, which had put off from a dredger near riverside quay. Members of the crew of the dredger said he had shouted "I don`t think I can make it". He was landed at Minerva pier were he was taken to the Hull Royal Infirmary and later to the Western General Hospital Anlaby Road. Robinson had served several trips on the Earl Kitchener and was in the RNVR during the war and had been severely injured.

ROBINSON FREDERICK 47 EARL KITCHENER H345 . Chief Engineer 24 Jan 1950 Went overboard in the Humber
. . . 3 Grants Tce Scarborough St . . . .
HOOKEM WILLIAM . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Skipper 24 Jan 1950 Skipper When Chief engineer went overboard
COCKERELL C . EARL KITCHENER H345 . Bosun 24 Jan 1950 Bosun When Chief engineer went overboard
. . . . . . . .
MILLIGAN JAMES . HMT EARL KITCHENER . Temp Lieutenant . Great War at Port Said
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .