Goole Shipbuilding & Repair Co
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
1600 HP
Engine Builder
Holmes Werkspoor
15 K
Registered D B FINN H332 Owners 1961 St Andrews SF Co Hull ( Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Ltd )
Fate : 21 Mar 1975 - Grounded Iceland during a hurricane all crew got off the vessel which was later refloated and returned to Hull. Due to the damage it was decided she was too costly to repair and sent for scrap on the 10th June 1975.


Fact File

The D B Finn was named after the Director of Fisheries of the food and agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, she was launched by Mrs D.B Finn who flew in from Rome. Built with a bulbous bow she had a mximum speed in excess of 15 Knots, her curved plates where rivetted but 75% of the hull was welded, she had a cruiser stern and quadpod mast layout for starboard side fishing only. Fish room capacity was 18,280 cubic feet, powered by a direct drive Holmes Werkspoor TMAS 398 Diesel developing 1,600 hp at 265rpm. Fitted with 6 fuel tanks she held 150 tons of fuel oil

1962 March - New radar costing thousands fitted to D B Finn

26 Dec 1963 Went to the assistance of the Brutus which had grounded north of Tromso took of several of the crew.

1967 The D B Finn made the most money for her owners than any other trawler in the British Isle with a total of £141.584 for 315.090 Stones of Fish.


Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
WHARRAM BERNARD . D B FINN H332 . Skipper MAY 1961 Maiden Voyage stayed on the vessel for 6 years
DOWNS GEORGE. . D B FINN H332 . Skipper 1965 .
CRAVEN PETER. . D B FINN H332 . Skipper 1965 .
BEAMISH ROY . D B FINN H332 . Skipper 1974 .
BEOCKLESBY JAMES . D B FINN H332 . Skipper 1975 139 Woodland Drive Anlaby Skipper when vessel grounded
JENSON ANDY . D B FINN H332 . Mate 1963 Grimsby
WARDBY GEORGE . D B FINN H332 . Mate 1974 .
CHADBURN KEITH. . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand 60s - 70s .
WHITTLES TONY. . D B FINN H332 Deckhand 1963 .
WHITTLES BARRY . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand 1963 .
KELLY MIKE . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand 1974 .
FLARRETY TEX . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand 1974 Fleetwood
REEVE BARRY . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand 1974 Fleetwood
DAY HARRY . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand . .
MYERS FREDDIE . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand . .
JORDAN WILLIAM MELVYN . D B FINN H332 . Deckhand . Melvyn
JORDAN BUCK ( HARRY ) . D B FINN H332 . Chief Engineer . Father of William Mervyn
EAST TONY . D B FINN H332 . Sparehand 1963 .
CHAPMAN CLEGG F. . D B FINN H332 . Sparehand 1967 - 1968 .
LUMB STANLEY COVERDALE . D B FINN H332 . Third Hand 1963 .
. . . . . . . .


Where`s me bit`s
we were fishing at Bear Island, Tony Whittles fell through the floor of the fishroom (called a underfoot) there was no fish in it, just one alumium board, he landed astride it, I heard him shout out and clambered down to him, he was in great pain, he clasped his arms around my neck and we struggled up the ladder and a couple of hands pulled him up on deck, we stood there whilst someone got the chief eng who i believe had a first aid ticket, while they were coming Tony w. said to me check to see if my wedding tackle is there, I found one and was having bother finding the other, Bernard Wharham shouted out of the wheelhouse, what are you doing yer mucky prat, I did find the other one, as we couldnt go into Norway, they said they would hang Bernard if we did go in, a Dutch stern trawler said he would take him if we paid for there lost fishing time. I think it was the "Rijmond I or II", we transfered him by ships small boat in a force 6, there was a Hull man on board as fishing master.I also gave them a cheque for a £1000 pounds, T . East