Cochrane Selby
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
04 09 1917
05 Dec 1917
Engine Builder
C D Holmes
Registered JOHN CORMACK Owners 1917 - 1921 Admiralty
  JOHN CORMACK LO 263 Owners 28 01 1920 Registered London as a fishing vessel
    Sold 1922 Pickering & Haldane Steam Trawling Co Hull Ltd  - John McCann & Edward Cartwright, managers
    . 28 07 1920 London register closed
  LORD PIRRIE H660 . 04 08 1922 Registered Hull - name changed 28 08 1922
    Sold 1929 Eton Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull.
Renamed CHILTERN H660 Owners 28 06 1929 Eton Steam Fishing Co Ltd, Hull. - Registered as the Chiltern H660
    Sold 1930 W B Wiley & Sons Ltd - William B. Willey Jnr, manager
    Owners 15 05 1936 Elliot & Sons Trawlers Ltd Fleetwood ( H Elliot manager )
  . Owners 16 08 1939 Boston Deep Sea Fisheries & Ice Co Fleetwood . ( B A Parkes manager )
  HMT CHILTERN Requisitioned 04 06 1940 Admiralty  Requisition Hire rate £94.10.0d a month
  CHILTERN H660 Owners 26 08 1944 Eton Fishing Co Ltd Hull - George Gillard, manager
    Owners 1945 Returned to owner from Admiralty Service
  CHILTERN GN25 Owners 25 10 1945 Planet Fishing Co Ltd, Edinburgh - Edwin Walker & Sons, managers
    Owners 01 06 1946 Ross & Fullerton Ltd, Glasgow.
    Owners 12 09 1946 David G. Watson, Aberdeen.
    Owners 1952 Medway Yacht Basin Ltd, Borstal, Rochester - R. W. Pearson, manager
    . 1954 Sold to BISCO and allocated to James A. White & Co Ltd, St. David’s
Fate :1954 Scrapped St David`s
Pennant No
Mersey Class Armed Trawler 1-12pdr HA and W/T
Requisition Jun 40
Auxilary Patrol  1-12pdr
Sept 1941
Returned 1945
15 - 25 June 1940 Operation Ariel. - On the 18th June at St. Nazaire, rescued women and children from advancing German forces. The last British ship to leave the port.
1941 Based Plymouth 
30 May 1941 Shot down twin engined German bomber off West Country (Ty/Sk. A. J. Drake RNR).
Dec 1941 Refitted Cardiff South Wales - Left Cardiff on 15 Feb 1942 for Greenwich where vessel took on 3 months of stores and headed for Iceland, where she struck rocks and had to be repaired on the slips at Reykjavik

Mar 1942 - May 1942 Reykjavik convoy escort duties on convoys PQ 12, 13, 14, 15 -  

08 Apr 1942 with Convoy PQ13 left port and had to return due to bad weather.   : From Reykjavik Apr. 8 to Apr. 12: Trawlers Chiltern and Northern Wave, destroyer Wilton, trawlers Lord Austin and Lord Middleton. Minesweepers Hebe and Speedy also joined on Apr. 8, but were forced to return with ice damage on Apr. 13 (12?). Hebe proceeded to Akureyri with HMS Aldersdale.

Message from N.O.I.C. Iceland to misc. recipients, dated Apr. 15:
"PQ 14. Following ships have returned to Iceland - Arcos, Sukhona, Seattle Spirit, Andre Marti, Exterminator, Pieter de Hoogh, Hegira, Botavon, Empire Bard, HMS Chiltern, HMS Duncton, HMS Speedy, HMS Hebe. Estimate convoy will be at least 24 hours late at M U."

26 Apr 1942 left Reykjavik with PQ15 for Murmansk, 03 May convoy attacked by torpedo bombers, three ships were torpedoed. The Chiltern picked up 62 men off the Jutland. Arrived in Murmansk 05 05 1942 where she was retained as a communications ship, the crew of  Hmt Chiltern would not be relieved untill Aug 1943, 16 months after her arrival.



Fact File

JOHN CORMACK - The vessels built for the Admiralty were given the names of the fallen men from the battle of Trafalgar, the JOHN CORMACK was one such named vessel.


Fact File


Sharks Follow Trawler for Two Days. For two days before George Cook 45 a deckhand of Whitton Parade, Blackburn, was lost overboard from the Fleetwood trawler Chiltern, sharks are said to have followed the vessel. "Last Wednesday we were fishing west of the Rockall ( Atlantic) grounds," one of the crew told a reporter on the vessel`s return. "As we were towing our gear, one of the men in the wheelhouse on watch saw Cook fall overboard. "The engines were stopped and we stood in the stern of the ship with lines and lifebuoys waiting for him to come to the surface, but we never saw him again." Another fisherman said that for two whole days sharks had lashed the sea astern of the trawler. "Never before have we seen so many sharks at Rockall. We thought it was very strange, and something told us that a mishap was near.


Lucretia Eastwood had arrived in Liverpool from Vancouver Canada with the Brother of Benjamin Booth a Alexander Birnie Booth. Alexander Booth had fallen on hard times and had been living with Mrs Eastwoods son in Vancouver Canada. She was desirous to get him in touch with his brother who she believed lived in Hull and was connected to the fishing Industry.  Mrs Eastwood and Alexander Booth had left Canada  to come to England. Shortly after their arrival in Liverpool Alexander Booth died in hospital. Mrs Eastwood then made efforts through the press and police to find Benjamin Booth, in order that he could attend the funeral of his brother in Burnley, But at the time it is understood the brother was away at sea. After the funeral it came to hand that the Brother Benjamin Booth had sailed the day of the funeral, aboard the Hull trawler Chiltern and had been lost overboard whilst fishing in the White Sea. The Mate of the trawler H Raywell jumped overboard and was able to recover the body, but life was extinct when it was got onboard. It is expected that the remains have been buried in Norway.

31 May 1941

The Admiralty announced yesterday a twin engined bomber has been shot down into the sea off the westcountry by HM Trawler Chiltern Temp Skipper A J Drake RNR. H M Trawler Chiltern sustained neither casualty nor damage. The German aircraft was fiercly engaged. It was repeatedly hit, and seen to dip nearly hitting the sea. As it pulled out of its dive it was again hit, and crashed.

26 01 1950

Chiltern GN25 Skp John Paterson was fishing 110 miles NE of Buchan Ness with her fellow Trawler the Kuvera GN39 Skp Young, of the Planet Fishing Co Ltd, when the Chief Engineer of the Kuerva discovered a leak. The pumps were manned and the whole crew started bailling, but the water kept rising, Skipper Young got on the radio telephone to Skipper John Peterson of the Chiltern who was fishing twenty five miles away. Hauling in his nets the skipper of the Chiltern dashed to the rescue and manouvered his vessel alongside. One by one the crew jumped aboard the rescue vessel. Then the Chiltern stood by while the men onboard watched the Kuerva sink. The crew were landed at Granton.

04 Sept 1950

The Chiltern Gn 25 Whilst fishing off the south east coast of Scotland, answered a distress call from the Wick seine-netter Immanuel, The Immanuel with a crew of four had an engine breakdown on Friday night 01 Sept, when she dropped anchor and sent out a radio message for help. The Chiltern responded and towed the vessel seventy miles to Aberdeen arriving on the 3rd Sept.


Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
. . . . . . . .
COOK GEORGE 45 CHILTERN H660 . Deckhand 01 July 1936 Vessel owned and fishing from Fleetwood - Lost overboard on Rockall Fishing grounds and Drowned
. . . Whitton Parade Blackburn . . . .
. . . . . . . .
BOOTH BENJAMIN . CHILTERN H660 . Deckhand Nov 1932 Washed overboard Buried in Norway
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
RAYWELL H . CHILTERN H660 . Mate Nov 1932 Rescue attempt on Benjamin Booth who was washed overboard
. . . . . . . .
DRAKE A J   - Jimmy . CHILTERN H660 . Skipper 1940 commanded vessel on requisition
. . . . . . . .
BROKENSHAW BILL . CHILTERN H660 . Decky Trimmer Feb 1940 Joined vessel at Fleetwood while still fishing
. . . . . . . .
PATERSON JOHN . CHILTERN GN25 . Skipper 26 01 1950 Rescue of crew of Kuvera GN39
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
DRAKE A J . HMT CHILTERN . Temp Skipper RNR 30 05 1941 .
MAIR ANDREW . HMT CHILTERN . Second Skipper 06 02 1942 - Aug 1943 .
BROKENSHAW BILL . HMT CHILTERN . Decky Trimmer Feb 1940 Joined vessel at Fleetwood while still fishing and stayed with vessel on requisition
BLACK JOHN . HMT CHILTERN . . Dec 1944 At Rosa Dry Dock Murmansk Kola Inlet - the Chiltern took aboard the dead bodies from the damaged vessel HMS Cassandra for their burial at sea.
. . . . . . . .