Cochranes Selby
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
14 01 1937
132 NHP
19 Mar 1937
Engine Builder
Amos & Smith
12 K
Registered ARCTIC PIONEER H462 Owners 19 03 1937 Boyd Line Ltd Hull
  H.M.T ARCTIC PIONEER Owners 26 08 1939 Admiralty Hire rate £338.3s 6d per month.
    Sunk 27 May 1942 Sunk by bomber, after been Salvaged she was rebuilt at West Hartlepool , and re-engined
    Register 06 12 1946 Hull Register closed
    Owners 1947 Salvage and repairs completed at Southampton
    Owners Aug 1947 Rebuild completed at Wm Gray, West Hartlepool ( Tons - G 533 / N 203 ) re-engined by Amos & Smith, Hull, converted to oil burner
  ARCTIC VIKING H452 Owners Aug 1947 handed back to Boyd Line, renamed and registered Hull on 26th Aug
    Register 10 Nov 1961 Hull Register closed
Fate : 18th Oct 1961 hit by large wave of Flamborough returning home and sank.
Admiralty Requisition
Pennant No
26 08 39
FY 164
11th A/S Group Harwich
1942 - 26th Anti submarine Gp Portsmouth  - 27 05 1942 HMT Arctic Pioneer (T/Lt. R.H. Burrow, RNR) ( Skipper George Bryan RNR ) was sunk by a bomb, from a German JU-87 Stuka dive bomber in the Cowes Roads outside of Portsmouth Harbour. 17 were killed and are buried in Haslar Naval cemetary in Gosport, in row 64. 16 survivors were picked up.

Built as the Arctic Pioneer in 1937 at Selby for the Boyd Line the Arctic Pioneer entered War Service as a Anti-Submarine Minesweeper, On 27 May 1942 she was sunk. She was later raised and in 1947 was rebuilt in West Hartlepool by William Gray and Company. After Been renamed the Arctic Viking H452 she returned to her Hull owners Boyd Line and continued her fishing career. On 27 05 1956 the Arctic Viking was in collision with the St Celestin of Hull off Bear Island, The St Celestin subsequently sank. 2 years later while preparing for her next trip to the White Sea on the 20 Aug 1958 a fire broke out which was believed to have been a boiler flashback, the whole centre part of the vessel suffered extensive damage, a fire boat and several shore tenders managed to contain the blaze and after a months refit to the damaged vessel she was ready to sail again. 3 years later and her 3rd disaster struck. A disaster that would see the vessel lost and five men lose their lives.

May 06 1959 the Arctic Viking under skipper Albert Thompson plays cat and mouse with the Icelandic Gunboat Thor. For more than an hour skipper Thompson sat on the stern of the Thor after the Thor had tried to send a party aboard the trawler the escapade only came to an end when the British Destroyer Contest came and fired a salvo of 4 shots towards the Thor which then sailed off. The incident started when the Arctic Viking was fishing a quarter of a mile outside the 12 mile limit, the Thor came alongside and ordered the skipper to stop as a boarding party was comming aboard to take his ship. Skipper Thompson said this was the gunboats first mistake as he approached me bow to stern, while they were lowering the small boat I brought my gear aboard and had time to start steaming, that was the Thors second mistake, the Thor having to turn gave me a head start and after firing shells close to me, he soon caught us so I headed towards him and it was rather he turned away or we collided, he turned away so I sat astern of him so he could not train his gun on us.

On 18th Oct 1961 the Arctic Viking was on her way home from the Norwegian fishing grounds, after she had left Hull on the 27th Sep with a crew of 20, J Kiel the 3rd hand was placed ashore in Hammerfest Norway after receiving a head injury on the outward voyage. As the Arctic Viking passed Flamborough she was fighting a heavy storm, her fish pounds were full but she was only hours from home. Although there had been previous opinions of skippers and crew that the vessel handled badly there was nothing to indicate to the crew that fatefull night that anything was wrong with the vessel. In the early hours the vessel suddenly heeled over and took on a 20º list as her port side filled with water. The helmsman eased the vessel and the ship cleared itself of water through the scuppers and righted herself. Within a four hour period the vessel was to lay over to port with a list once or twice again, the skipper nosing her into the wind and easing her speed on these occasions managed to clear the vessel and right her. At approximately 0830 while stopped to repair a pipe enabelling the vessel to take salt water into the empty starboard fuel tank as ballast, to correct a small list to port.the vessel was hit by two huge waves straight after each other, the Arctic Viking keeled over and eventually capsized as the second wave hit. After the second wave hit the vessel it took a mere 2 minutes before she was completely capsized, although though she continued to float upside down for almost four hours. the crewmen had released a collapsible liferaft and some managed to board her, others like the skipper and mate jumping straight into the huge waves with no lifebelt, 5 men were no so lucky and went down with the vessel or were washed away. 14 men now were afloat in an open liferaft in mountainous seas, for over an hour they floated as they sent up distress flares, the Polish Lugger Derkacz, Commanded by Skipper Ryszard Sleska had been dodging the weather when she spotted the distress flares of the Arctic Viking, The rescue of the crewmen from the raft took almost four hours as the Derkacz battled the heavy seas and each man was taken of the life raft by rope. Not been able to turn the vessel the skipper of the Derkacz kept her head to wind dodging and it would be almost 2 days after the Arctic Viking sank that the rescued crew would arrive in Hull. The crew and skipper of the Derkacz were given a hero`s welcome. A Civic reception was held in the Guildhall on 21 Oct for the Skipper and crew of the Darkacz, having already received a pair of binoculars from Mr Tom Boyd DSO , Skipper Sleska also received from the Lord Mayor a plaque bearing the city's coat-of-arms and a gift for his wife. Mr Boyd DSO then presented the skipper and mate with gold watches and a silver cigarette case to each of the crew.


Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
CRAFT DAVID A 34 ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Trimmer 18 Oct 1961 Lost with vessel - Son Sidney would also become a trawlerman and was cook aboard the Thornella H96
. . . 254 Wansbeck Rd Longhill Estate, Hull . . . .
KENT EDWARD 38 ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Second Engineer 18 Oct 1961 Lost with vessel
. . . 51 Hessle Rd . . . .
LOUND DENNIS 29 ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Sparehand 18 Oct 1961 Lost with vessel
. . . Wellstead St . . . .
ROBINSON JOHN 22 ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Deckhand 18 Oct 1961 Lost with vessel
. . . Foston Grove . . . .
. . . . . . . .
WADDY ARTHUR 47 ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Bosun 18 Oct 1961 Lost with vessel - Son Charlie became a skipper and skippered Thornella H96
. . . Harrow St Hessle Rd . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
GARNER PHILIP . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Skipper 18 Oct 1961 Survivor of sinking
DODSLEY RONALD . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Mate 18 Oct 1961 Survivor of sinking
BARTLE JOSEPH THOMAS . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Chief Engineer 18 Oct 1961 Survivor of sinking
CRESSEY DAVID . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Deckhand 18 Oct 1961 Survivor of sinking
JACKSON ? . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . ? 18 Oct 1961 Survivor of sinking
KIEL J . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Third Hand Oct 1961 J Kiel had been put ashore on the outward bound fatal last journey of the Arctic Viking, after receiving a head injury in an accident. He was at home recovering when news of the Arctic Viking disaster broke.
. . . . . . . .
HAMLING JACK . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Skipper 1947 .
GRAY ROBERT . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Skipper May 1956 May 27th 1956 When the Arctic Viking was in collision with the St Celestin
DAVIS WILLIAM G ARCTIC VIKING H452 Cook Assistant 03/10/1958 - 31/10/1958
DAVIS WILLIAM G ARCTIC VIKING H452 Cook Assistant 01/11/1958 - 16/12/1958
DAVIS WILLIAM G ARCTIC VIKING H452 Deckie Learner 17/12/1958 - 31/01/1959
DAVIS WILLIAM G ARCTIC VIKING H452 Deckie Learner 01/02/1959 - 07/05/1959
. . . . . . . .
WOOLDRIDGE CLIVE . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Sparehand 07 12 54 - 28 12 54 .
WOOLDRIDGE CLIVE . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Sparehand 22 01 55 - 31 01 55 .
WOOLDRIDGE CLIVE . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Sparehand 01 02 55 - 08 03 55 .
WOOLDRIDGE CLIVE . ARCTIC VIKING H452 . Sparehand 15 04 55 - 25 05 55 .
. . . . . . . .