Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Ayr
Off Number
Length Ft
Tons Gross
Yard Number
Breadth Ft
Tons Net
16 Nov 1918
87 HP
30 Dec 1918
Engine Builder
Fawcett preston & Co Liverpool
  PETER HALL ( Castle Class ) Owners 1918 - 1921 - Admiralty
  PETER HALL LO437 Owners 24 08 1920 Registered as a fishing trawler
    Owners 27 11 1924 London register closed
Renamed TRANSPORT UNION O161 Owners 29 11 1924 Registered Belgium - Société Anonyme Armement Ostendais, Ostend.
ALVIS H52 Owners

Managed by J Marr & Sons Hull ( Belgium Owners )

  ALVIS H52 Owners

01 03 1939 Registered at Hull - St Andrews Steam Fishing Co Hull ( B A Parkes manager ) Fishing from fleetwood

  HMT ALVIS Owners 30 04 1940 Requisitioned for Admiralty service at a rate of £84.0.0d
  ALVIS H52 Owners

1944 Ocean Steam Trawling Co Ltd ( W L Barkworth manager )

    Owners Mar 1945 returned to owners from Admiralty
    Owners 09 02 1946 Milford Fisheries ( O W Limbrick manager )
    Owners 02 05 1947 Sold to Henderson’s Trawling Co Ltd, Hull - Geoffrey Edward Marr, manager.
    Owners 1948 Argosy Trawling Co Ltd Fleetwood
  ALVIS FD46 Owners 1951 Alvis Trawlers Ltd, Fleetwood.
    Owners 1951 Boston deep Sea Fisheries Ltd, Fleetwood
Fate : Scrapped 15 05 1954 at Barrow
Admiralty Requisition
Pennant No
1 – 12pdr
1941 - Minesweeper
Mar 1945
Jan 1942 M/S Group 148 - Hartlepool
Although the Alvis was managed by J Marr & Sons and Hull registered she spent the majority of her time fishing from Fleetwood and eventually was transfered permanantly.


Fact File

PETER HALL - The vessels built for the Admiralty were given the names of the fallen men from the battle of Trafalgar, the PETER HALL was one such named vessel.

On the 18 Sept 1939 just after the start of WW2 the Alvis although Hull owned and registered was fishing out of Fleetwood, at about 1.20pm in the afternoon a shot was heared and a large spout of water erupted close to the Alvis. The skipper and crew then noticed a German submarine. The Skipper Albert Thomason was then signalled from the U Boat to abandon the vessel, a small lifeboat was launched and the crew left the Alvis.The lifeboat was ordered to pull alongside the submarine and the commander asked for the Captain, Skipper Thomason went aboard the submarine and on the conning tower the commander extended his hand in welcome. The U boat commander then said " I am sorry I will have to sink your ship" the commander then asked Skipper Thomason if there were anymore crew aboard the Alvis and if the lifeboat was the only one they had. The crew and commander speaking very good english handed cigarrettes to the Alvis crew, they then ordered the crew back to their vessel, and sent a working party over under command of a lieutenat who on arrival threw the wireless overboard the work part then chopped away the fishing gear and smashed the dynamo in the engine room. The Lieutenant asked skipper Thomason if he could take a lifebelt as a souvenir, of which he did. The commander of the U Boat gave skipper Thomason a bottle of gin with his compliment. No provisions or the fish caught were taken from the Alvis by the Germans..the reason the U Boat commander did not sink the Alvis was that in his opinion the 13 man crew would never make it back to shore in the lifeboat as it was unsafe. The Alvis returned to Fleetwood, but that same day the U Boat commander found 3 other Fleetwood vessels the Arlita the Lord Minto and the Nacy Hague, after removing the crews from the Arlita and Lord Minto onto the Nancy Hague the U boat commander sunk the Arlita and Lord Minto. The three crews returning to Fleetwood aboard the Nancy Hague. The Alvis was subsuquently requisisioned in 1940 by the Admiralty, Werner Lott the Commander of u-35 was taken prisoner of war aboard HMS Kingston when his U boat was sunk.

Courtesy and © Hans U Mair http://www.u-35.com

Skipper Albert Thomason of the Alvis with Werner Lott - U Boat Commander

The following details were extracted from u-35`s war diary
U 35 allowed the first British ship it encountered in the North Atlantic, the fishing trawler ALVIS, to pass on 18 September 1939, after realizing that the thirteen man crew could never have reached land in the available lifeboat; in return, the British captain warned U 35 that the Royal Navy aircraft carrier Ark Royal was in the general area.

Name and size of the vessel: "St. Alvis", 271 Br T

Name of owner: unknown

Port of registry: Hull

Port of departure : Fleetwood

Destination port: Fleetwood

Flag visible: none

The steamer is of enemy origin (Art.6 P.O.). He should be destroyed, because confiscation is not possible. His operation area was far away from the coast and because of that he could not be considered a "coastal fishery vessel". The fish catching equipment and the radio were thrown overboard. The crew of 13 which had already embarked into the rescue boat was advised to get back onto the ship, beacause the freeboard of it was already very narrow and was not considered seaworthy. The steamer was dismissed. There were no attempts to escape or other resistance

Courtesy and © Hans U Mair http://www.u-35.com

Birth Pl
Date/ Scource
I thank Hans U Mair of http://www.u-35.com for allowing me to use some of the information from his site and allowing me to show pictures.
THOMASON ALBERT E 38 ALVIS H52 . Skipper 18 Sept 1939 .
BROOKES C 24 ALVIS H52 . Second Hand 18 Sept 1939 .
JENKINS JOHN 36 ALVIS H52 . Third Hand 18 Sept 1939 .
KERR R 40 ALVIS H52 . Chief Engineer 18 Sept 1939 .
GUNNI ABDUL 38 ALVIS H52 . Second Engineer 18 Sept 1939 .
SOUTHERN W 17 ALVIS H52 . Deckhand 18 Sept 1939 .
PURCELL P 22 ALVIS H52 . Fireman - Trimmer 18 Sept 1939 .
RADMORE J 23 ALVIS H52 . Deckhand 18 Sept 1939 .
SANDHAM J 30 ALVIS H52 . Fireman - Trimmer 18 Sept 1939 .
WILSON R 24 ALVIS H52 . Deckhand 18 Sept 1939 .
JONES P 51 ALVIS H52 . Deckhand 18 Sept 1939 .
DAY A 18 ALVIS H52 . Deckhand 18 Sept 1939 .
GRIFFITHS C 36 ALVIS H52 . Cook 18 Sept 1939 .
. . . . . . . .