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MABBOTT ALBERT 36 LADY LAVINIA H160 . Second Engineer 05 - 06 MARCH 1938. Lost with all hands
. . . Preston Rd Hull . . . .
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(Lost at sea aboard the Lady Lavinia – 5th March 1938)


Albert Mabbott (born 30th September 1902 ) was one of the 16 crewmen aboard the Lady Lavinia, lost at sea whilst homeward bound from Bear Island near the coast of Norway in heavy seas on 5th / 6th March 1938 .


He left his wife, Florence and two daughters, Ethel aged 14 years and Beryl aged 2 years.  He was 36 years old.


Albert had been a fisherman for all of his adult life and served on the Lady Lavina as second engineer since her launch three years earlier in 1935.  Albert’s brother, William Mabbott, was also a fisherman working aboard other vessels.  His sister, Lucy Bruce, married a Scot and moved to Peterhead near Aberdeen .


For many years, the family lived at 49 Clifton Terrace, off Hessle Road in Hull – quite near to the fish docks.  However, shortly before Albert’s death the family had moved to Cambridge Grove near Preston Road in East Hull .  Albert’s father-in-law, William Lee, was troubled with tuberculosis and the family were encouraged to move to the countryside.  In those days, Preston Road was considered to be a rural environment!


His eldest daughter, Ethel, attended Flinton Grove Girls School and Beryl was still just a baby.  The family still recalls hearing the news of the ships loss via headline news in the Hull Daily Mail.  The ship’s owners did not contact the families with the news and it was a major shock to everyone to learn of the crews peril in this way.  The family recall the long and hard life that Albert and the crew endured.  Long absences from home in difficult and unpleasant environments to earn the salary necessary to support the family back home.  The occasions when the trawler arrived home with her catch were always joyous events, but with only 36 hours shore leave before returning to the sea they passed much too quickly.  Albert loved the sea but, along with his comrades died much too young.  Even today he is still in his family’s thoughts and will never be forgotten.


His wife, Florrie, never re-married and was a widow from her 36th year until her death in April 1992 almost reaching the age of 90.  She is buried at Hedon.  As a memorial to Albert, he is mentioned on a gravestone at Eastern Cemetery , Preston Road , Hull where his mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law are buried.