Having a vast interest in all aspects of the trawlers and men of the RNPS I could have quite happily spent many hours reading about their exploits, and their heroism in the unimaginable fates and circumstances they operated in. I must apologise profusely to the persons I spoke to in the museum, as in my excitement I forgot to ask their names. The volunteers where friendly approachable and nothing was too much trouble for them, even as we pushed for time they where willing to oblige any further requirements I had. I must express a big THANK YOU.

The Silver Badge worn by the RNPS Minesweeping and Anti-Submarine Personnel

Some of the many Photographs on display

Medals awarded to RNPS Personnel

70,000 Men passed through HMS Europa at Lowestoft on their way to various fates amongst the 6,000 vessels which would see service with the RNPS, of which 500 vessels would never return. 850 Honour Awards and 200 mentions in despatches where made to the men of the RNPS, from Lt Commander Richard Stannard who while commanding the Hull Trawler Arab was awarded the VC, to the numerous ratings who received honour awards for actions of gallantry and bravery. There are many epitaphs across the country that fortell the true story of these unsung heroes of the sea.

Below you can see the honour boards of awards made to the personnel of the RNPS, which once proudly dorned the stage of the theatre although water damaged they have been saved and are now displayed in the museum.