Hull Fishing Vessel Losses 1917 - 1920



The vessels which remained fishing took no less a risk than the many warships, as they often navigated waters that had been heavily mined and 9 were lost in this way although others which were listed as missing may have met the same fate. The first Hull vessel to be lost by mine was the IMPERIALIST H250 on the 06 Sep 1914 - 40 miles ENE of Tynemouth. A far greater threat than the mine and the largest number of losses were due to sinking by submarine gunfire. A German submarine would surface close to the fishing fleet and in most cases at the begining of the war, would take the crews off several trawlers and place them aboard another vessel to take them back to port. The unmanned vessels would then be sunk by shell fire from the submarine or a bomb placed aboard. The first Hull vessel sunk in this way was the MERCURY H518 on 02 May 1915. This was to change when armed escorts were sent with the fishing vessels and the vessels themselves carried guns, they became a target like any other warship and were sunk without warning. In several cases the crews were taken prisoner and were interned in POW camps.

On 03 May 1915 8 Hull Vessels were sunk by submarine while fishing in the same area of the North Sea these were the, BOB WHITE H290 ,COQUET H831, HECTOR H896, HERO H886, IOLANTHE H328, MERRIE ISLINGTON H183, NORTHWARD HO H455, PROGRESS H475

There where 63 fishing vessels which were lost during the WW1 period from 1914 - to 1920. these were vessels that were not on Admiralty service or in the Fishery Reserve. 7 of these vessels were lost due to collision or grounding and were not a consequence of war, 11 were listed as missing of which the cause was unknown, they may have been sunk by enemy action and unclaimed, or most likely contacted drifting mines or entered an unknown mined area. Of the remainder 4 were sunk by Torpedo Boats the Argyll was torpedoed with no warning. 19 where sunk by submarine gunfire and 13 had bombs placed aboard by submarine crew. There are also several vessels not listed here that sunk after this period due to mine contact. Another 5 vessels not included but shown below were lost while in the Fishery Reserve

Fishing Vessels lost
Fishery Reserve Losses
ANGELO H890 21 May 1915 Mined   IMPERIALIST H250 06 Sep 1914 Mine
COMMANDER BOYLE H353 23 Aug 1915 Mine   KHARTOUM H472 26 Mar 1916 Mine
EDWARD B CARGILL H412 15 Nov1915 Mine   SABRINA H346 21 May 1915 Mine
HALCYON H408 19 Feb 1917 Mine   SAPHIRE H675 01 Mar 1915 Mine
        WINDWARD HO H692 09 May 1917 Mine
DUKE OF WELLINGTON 18 May 1915 Torpedo Boat   TITANIA H903 18 May 1915 Torpedo Boat
EUCLID H370 18 May 1915 Torpedo Boat      
ARGYLL H923 15 June 1915 Torpedoed        
ARRAN H820 18 Dec 1916 U Boat Gunfire   BARDOLPH H296 05 June 1915 U Boat -Bomb
BUTE H819 14 July 1916 U Boat -Bomb   CHRYSOLITE H409 19 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
BOB WHITE H290 03 May 1915 U Boat Gunfire   COQUET H831 03 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
CALIBAN H313 12 Apr 1917 U Boat Gunfire   DOGBERRY H46 03 June 1915 U Boat -Bomb
CASSIO H889 24 July 1915 U Boat Gunfire   DROMIO H102 06 June 1915 U Boat -Bomb
EMBLEM H301 25 July 1915 U Boat Gunfire   ERITH H457 20 Apr 1917 U Boat -Bomb
EQUERRY H36 12 Apr 1917 U Boat Gunfire   GIBRALTER H1000 04 Apr 1917 U Boat -Bomb
EXPEDIENT H219 Apr 1917 U Boat Gunfire   HERO H886 03 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
HECTOR H896 03 May 1915 U Boat Gunfire   IOLANTHE H328 03 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
HERMIONE H992 23 July 1915 U Boat Gunfire   MERRIE ISLINGTON H183 06 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
HONORIA II H325 25 July 1915 U Boat Gunfire   NORTHWARD HO H455 03 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
INDUSTRIA H14 Apr 1917 U Boat Gunfire   PROGRESS H475 03 May 1915 U Boat -Bomb
IRELAND H351 10 Feb 1917 U Boat Gunfire   STAFFA H814 10 July 1916 U Boat -Bomb
MERCURY H518 02 May 1915 U Boat Gunfire        
OTTERHOUND H92 24 Sept 1916 U Boat Gunfire        
PENTLAND H70 07 June 1915 U Boat Gunfire        
SHAKESPEARE H994 07 Feb 1917 U Boat Gunfire        
SUTTON H363 23 July 1915 U Boat Gunfire        
TRINIDAD H336 25 Sep 1916 U Boat Gunfire        
CELIA H989 08 Jan 1915 Missing   MAURITIUS H547 17 May 1915 Missing
CORNELIAN H506 14 Jan 1915 Missing   ONWARD HO H935 05 Jan 1916 Missing
EARL H436 21 Jan 1915 Missing   QUAIR H237 03 Nov 1916 Missing
EASTWARD H1324 May 1918 Missing   SEBASTIAN H888 22 May 1915 Missing
MALABAR H754 27 Dec 1915 Missing   SOUTHWARD HO H456 27 May 1915 Missing
        ST LAWRENCE H939 03 Oct 1914 Missing
HAWK H389 19 Apr 1916 Collision   LANGLAND H1013 16 Aug 1915 Wrecked
KESTREL H318 21 Feb 1915 Collision   LORD LONDESBOROUGH 17 Feb 1915 Wrecked
SINGAPORE H505 12 Jan 1920 Collision   PAMELA H283 18 Jan 1915 Wrecked
        TERRIER H171 29 Sep 1916 Wrecked


Lost while serving in the fishery reserve
AMBER H398 ( Fishery Reserve ) Jan 1920 Missing        
DURBAN H378 ( Fishery Reserve ) 15 Mar 1919 Missing        
EGRET H21 ( Fishery Reserve ) 01 June 1918 Torpedoed        
SCOTLAND H 348 ( Fishery Reserve ) 07 Mar 1919 Mine        
EROS H768 ( Fishery Reserve ) 08 June 1918 Mine